Oso helps people like you who are concerned about our planet

Our app will help you access the knowledge, skills and connections you need to improve your mental well-being and spark more effective climate action.

We know that just as no one individual is responsible for the climate crisis, no one person can solve it. But urgent action on climate will come as each one of us confronts the impacts in our own lives, and transforms the uncomfortable feelings of grief, anxiety and anger into positive action, individually and as part of our wider communities.

We need change-makers like you.

Change-makers who share our passion for
making a difference, to join us in bringing
this app to life.

OSO is different

OSO combines individual and social psychology to meet people where they are, with resources to improve mental well-being and to become more effective change-makers.

Oso brings together well-being, environmental action and community. 

We are developing an app offering tools & techniques designed to alleviate worry and concern related to climate change and to provide relief for those feeling anxious about the environmental crisis. Additionally, users will find solace in a community of like-minded individuals who share the same concerns and are eager to take meaningful actions to combat climate change.

The app will provide a unique combination of simple actions, which we call ‘Empowerments’, to support your personal well-being and help you make a bigger impact. Take them individually or alongside our growing community of changemakers – all striving to make our world a better place. Track your own personal impact and our collective impact to show how working together makes every little thing count.

Empowering change for a sustainable future.

If you share our passion for making a difference, join us to help bring this app to life.

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, be it large or small, will directly support the development
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We believe that the solutions to the climate crisis already exist. The problem is that, as a global society, we are not acting fast enough to stop the causes of climate change or support those who are being affected the most.

We believe this inaction is rooted in human psychology and the need to protect ourselves from the scary and uncomfortable feelings that surface when we consider the unstable future that we face.

Our collective inability to cope with these feelings stop us from prioritising action. At an individual level, it’s hard for people to know where to start and to believe that any action they take really will make a difference.

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Who is Oso?

We’re a start-up with big ambitions. We’re creating a wellness and community
platform to bring changemakers together.

We believe in the awe-inspiring, creative and monumental power of the
human collective to make considered, positive change.

The team

Meet our passionate, experienced team, all
volunteering their time and experience to make an impact



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We need changemakers like you, who share our passion for making a difference, to join us in bringing this app to life.

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