Passionate about holistic health and wellness in all aspects, I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology and have completed graduate coursework in international relations with a focus in human rights and mental healthcare. As a wellness counselor, I assist clients experiencing mental health crises
Brynn Beekman
Data Analytics & User Journey

Why OSO?

At OSO, we are driven by a dual purpose: enhancing people’s well-being and making a positive impact on the environment. Becoming part of this extraordinary community of changemakers, all united by a shared concern for the planet, feels like embarking on a thrilling adventure with boundless possibilities for growth and impact. I truly believe that together, we can make a difference in the world, and that’s why I’m proud to be part of the OSO team.


  • 1979 – 1983
Occidental College in LA
  • 1984 – 1987
Columbia University in NY City
  • 1988 – 1992
Entered Harvard Law School
  • 1992 – 2004
University of Chicago School
  • 2004 – 2008
Entered Harvard School
  • 2010 – 2016
Trinity United Church of Christ.

Professional Skills

Crisis Management
90 %
Public Speaking
70 %
Problem Solving
85 %

Diversity of Expereince

The bodies were lying in the streets un-buried. All railroads and vessels carrying food and such things into the great city had ceased runnings and mobs of the hungry poor were pillaging the stores and warehouses. Murder and robbery and drunkenness were everywhere. Already the people had fled from the city by millions at first the rich, in their private motor-cars and dirigibles, and then the great mass of the population.

Objectively innovate empowered manufactured products whereas parallel platforms. Holistically predominate extensible testing procedures. This was followed by a series of projects (the Fides Building, Building in Picassoplatz, SBV Training Centre) in which the tension of construction (implemented primarily through particular ways of working with windows and doors) reveal the studio’s focus on plastic and morphological issues.With Italian influences (A. Rossi, G. Grassi), Diener & Diener’s urban projects aim to “give single large, anonymous constructions a metaphysical presence”.

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