ELTC.earth comes third in Nova UCD Competition

OSO Admin August 9, 2022 0

ELTC.earth comes third in Nova UCD Competition

ELTC.earth placed third in a recent Student Entrepreneurship Competition at Nova UCD.

We are happy to announce that Damien from the ELTC.earth team was one of the 10 teams accepted to participate in the Nova UCD Student Entrepreneurship Competition and we are delighted to announce we came 3rd! 

Read the full Nova UCD [NOVA] article and RTE Coverage [RTE] of the top 3 winners. This was such an amazing  useful experience, we  to  learned so much from our mentors and gained valuable insights from our mentors and learned lessons from other budding & more experienced entrepreneurs

The coverage for our initiative meant we received more than 1100 unique monthly visitors on the website during June (just after it was published) and that was before we posted on our Social Media channels about our initiative. That gave us a clear insight that shows how high is the interest in what we are doing.

We have also had a lot of interest and people are reaching out to us regularly to help, volunteer, or join the team, which is fantastic!

If you have any of these skills  and would like to join us, contact us via the application form.

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